It support department

A job in the IT support department requires recognized experience in a similar department in order to manage the group’s entire multi-site equipments.

The skills needed for this job are:

  • Ability to work independently,
  • Rigor and accuracy,
  • Adaptibility in an evolving group,

The main telecom missions:

  • Configuration, monitoring and updating telephone directories,
  • Configuration (PABX) auto-switching,
  • Maintenance and scheduling of the patch bay,
  • Configuration and monitoring of remote surveillance and access systems.

The main computing missions:

  • In-house repatriation of outsourced IT management,
  • Acquisition, maintenance and management of the group’s computer equipment,
  • Configuration of individual and collective hardware and IT tools,
  • Technical relations with IT providers,
  • Technical assistance to department heads on business tools in their relations with providers / owners,
  • Configuration of Active Directory, mailboxes and internal and external archiving servers (Dropbox),
  • Management of security parameters and policies,
  • Compliance with RGPD rules,
  • Implementation of a detailed documentation of the group’s infrastructure architecture,
  • Mixing and monitoring of the Ethernet network.

No offer is currently available for these jobs.