Maintenance and airworthiness department

The Maintenance and Airworthiness department consists of three key positions: Maintenance Manager, Airworthiness Assistant and Airworthiness Manager. The department is responsible for the maintenance and management of aircraft tracking and continuing airworthiness, in conjunction with the Flight Operations Department, the relevant authorities and subcontractors.

The main missions of the department are :

  • Manage, supervise and assign all tasks of shop mechanics,
  • Monitor aircraft maintenance programs,
  • Ensure a technical permanence,
  • Ensure the follow-up, planning and recording of aircraft work and the monitoring of the conformity of the actions of maintenance organizations,
  • Meet the requirements of the authorities in the context of airworthiness audits and reviews,
  • Be the interface with owner clients.


To join the Maintenance and Airworthiness department, the candidate must at least hold a BAC or BAC PRO in aeronautical mechanical. In addition to a good mastering of technical English and computer tools, it is necessary to demonstrate :

  • Very good aeronautical technical knowledge,
  • Good ability to communicate with different interlocutors (authorities, customers, crews, etc),
  • Dynamism, adaptability and flexibility,
  • Availability, reactivity and autonomy,
  • Rigor and precision.

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