Recrutement aéronautique pour la compagnie aérienne privée Astonjet : pilote commandant de bord



The piloting of aircraft within ASTONJET is entrusted to the following two positions:

  • The captain is responsible for the safety and security on board his aircraft and for the safe and punctual operation of the flight. He/she is the company’s first representative to customers.
  • The first officer is a full member of the flight crew under the supervision of the captain. He or she participates in the safety and security of the aircraft as well as the safe and punctual operation of the flight. Along with the captain, he is a representative of the company to customers.

Pilots (captain and first officer) have the following responsibilities during their flights :

  • Ensure safe flights,
  • Provide high quality customer service,
  • Prepare a flight on short notice,
  • Communicate and coordinate with customers, suppliers and company departments.

Depending on their qualifications, ASTONJET pilots may be required to fly on different aircraft in the fleet :

  • Pilatus PC12
  • Cessna Citation Mustang,
  • Cessna Citation M2,
  • Cessna Citation Latitude,
  • Embraer Phenom 100/300
  • Dassault Falcon 7X.

Profile and skills

To apply for a job of pilot at ASTONJET, it is necessary to demonstrate :

  • Ability to support and enhance security initiatives,
  • Good technical skills,
  • Exceptional customer service skills,
  • Punctuality and reliability,
  • Adaptability and flexibility,
  • Fluent in technical English.

Technical skills

For the first officer position :

  • Advanced UPRT, with frozen ATPL ,
  • 200H total flight time or more.

Concerning the captain position (CS 23 aircraft) :

  • EASA CPL-IRME-MCC, with frozen ATPL,
  • 700H total flight time / 400H PIC all types / 300H IFR with jet or turbo propeller experience.

About the captain position (CS 25 aircraft) :

  • EASA ATPL with valid IRME,
  • 1500H total flight time.